Travian is a building strategy game set in the period of classic antiquity. Gamers take the part of being chief of a village of either Romans, Gauls or Germans. Each nation has its own advantages and disadvantages. Right after registration, gamers start building their village up from only one main building and few fields for producing ressources. As soon as gamers have erected the first few basic buildings, interaction with other gamers becomes possible. There are alliances to forge, a market place for trading, and wars to be waged with the help of trained units.

Rating: 4.0/191
Counters: 20671/9000
Comments: 7
6 sam   [Entry]
The spam that this game generates on other sites just to advertise this game is getting kinda annoying.

7 Animorph   [Entry]
the spam caused on this website in comments is also annoyed , i'm cleaning this up if i see somebody spam twice its a ban

5 ginda modii   [Entry]
au es ra aris ra debilobaaa

4 ginda modii   [Entry]
this game is(N)

3 nerida   [Entry]'s cool

2 leonard   [Entry]

1 kesha   [Entry]
Bitte alle spielen !!!

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