Sarah Maribu and the Lost World
Sarah Maribu is off to explore an island full of Dinosaurs! After her grandfather tips her off to this ancient land, Sarah is off on a wild adventure! Upon arrival, her husband Michael goes missing and must be saved! Track down the dinosaur-worshipping natives and get Michael back! Collect incredible treasures and explore a mysterious island full of puzzles and Hidden Objects, in Sarah Maribu and the Lost World.
Rating: 4.3/129
Counters: 5877/1202
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11 alina12  
buna e foarte superb

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10 alina  
buna sunt alina e foarete superb

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9 alina  
vreau sa joc aceste jocuri

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8 nikoleta  

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7 sofia  

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6 sofia  
som bonitos

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5 sofia  
los amiro

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4 rossy  
su pagina es genial.

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3 olivia  
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2 ivan lee  

1-10 11-11
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